Ivysearch Consultants Pvt Ltd

"Outstanding Talent for Tomorrow" .......... We provide professionals who will be game changers and critical for future growth of businesses.


The name Ivysearch is a fusion of the English words, Ivy and Search which is coined to indicate “search for excellence”. The consulting and research teams at Ivysearch strive for excellence . We attribute our success to the thoroughness, drive and tenacity of our consultants for excellence in service delivery.

Ivysearch Consultants Pvt Ltd., is among very few companies in India with strengths in both Management  and  Technical Consulting. The Management Consulting team has a strategic focus on Human Resource and Head Hunting Services. Our extensive network and research capabilities enable us to identify outstanding professionals possessing the technical and leadership skills, to deliver on India’s potential for tomorrow.
Our technical consulting team supports established manufacturing companies that are struggling due to obsolete technology. We also support new ventures in identifying business partners. The global experience of our technical consultants helps Indian companies in increasing competitiveness. It also helps explore new technologies through foreign joint ventures and collaborations. Our strong associations with premier management and technical institutes helps us bridge the gap between academic research and commercially successful manufacturing technologies.


We have consciously nurtured and developed our strengths to be a multi-disciplinary consulting firm. Each member of the professional team at Ivysearch has a sound experience in their field of expertise and a track record of achievement in domestic and international assignments.



Our Vision

Outstanding Talent for Tomorrow” i.e. To provide professionals who will be game changers and critical for future growth of businesses.


Ivysearch is an organization driven by its values. Some of our fundamental values include

  1. Business Ethics: We maintain highest ethical standards in all dealings. We have zero tolerance for lies and misrepresentations. We never act against the letter and spirit of law.
  2. Customer delight is the first priority. Making long term relationships is more important than short term financial gains. We always tell what we believe is the best for customer, irrespective of any other consideration.
  3. Continuous improvement is the only sign of good health. We evaluate individuals and organizations on the basis of their potential and growth rates.
  4. We strive for excellence. We never settle for good.
  5. Commitments are sacred. We make precise and accurate commitments.